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'Cooking with kids can be hell'

Marcus Wareing

Marcus Wareing is a serious chef. Whether you’ve watched him on MasterChef, Great British Menu, or in one of his three restaurants, it’s a word you’d definitely use to describe him. And he wouldn’t disagree.

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Robbie Williams – from Angel to Icon

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams might be a lot of things, but never let it be said he’s not a great conversationalist. Publicly, the former Take That star – who will soon become the third recipient of the BRIT Icon award – is a record-breaking solo artist, among Britain’s biggest-ever exports, singer, songwriter …

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We could all be lifesavers – defibrillators


Do you know what AED stands for? It means ‘automated external defibrillator’, and if you still think you’re not familiar, just picture an episode of Casualty or Holby City, where they use those hand-held gizmos to deliver an electric shock to somebody’s chest and zap their heart back into action.

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20 secrets for keeping illness at bay

Keep illness at bay

OK, so there’s no such this as being TOTALLY immune to all illness. But nobody can deny that some people fare better when it comes to the dreaded winter lurgy than others. Do you seem to catch every bug going, while your neighbour/best friend/colleague seems to glide through winter snot …

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Bryan Cranston talks about his autobiography

Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston may have become a global star as anti-hero Walter White, but he’s managed to stay grounded amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. But there was a time when the LA native almost became unhinged, when an ex-girlfriend started stalking him.

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'Yummie Brummie' Glynn Purnell's shares his culinary secrets

Glynn Purnell

He’s been branded one of the trailblazers of new British cooking, but at the heart of Glynn Purnell’s success is his refusal to take himself too seriously. If he’s not cracking jokes and reeling off witty anecdotes, the ‘Yummy Brummie’ is referring to himself as the Roger Federer of Birmingham’s …

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Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander fell in love while filming

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander fell in love while filming their new movie, a sweeping romance called The Light Between Oceans. They’re promoting the film together, but the famously private pair are not about to profess their lust for one another in public.

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5 steps to dreamy winter sleep

5 steps to dreamy winter sleep

There is never a time when sleep isn’t important. But with the shorter, vitamin D-deprived days, gloomy weather – and the dread that it’s going to drag on for months – at this time of year, solid slumber is more vital than ever. Winter, like all the seasons, has its …

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David Attenborough on the animal that evaded him for sixty years

David Attenborough

A natural history broadcaster for more than 60 years and one of the world’s most travelled men, there can’t be much Sir David Attenborough hasn’t seen. But one animal has eluded the venerated naturalist throughout his entire career – until now.

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