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Ulster Museum, Belfast Main Hall copyright Ardfern cc3
Ulster Museum Main Hall

The Ulster Museum is on the grounds of the Botanic Gardens. It is home to several fascinating collections that will appeal to visitors interested in history, art or science.

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Ulster Museum, Belfast Main Hall copyright Ardfern cc3
Permanent exhibitions at the museum include Origins: The Early Solar System. This exhibition features pieces of asteroids and meteorites that have fallen to Earth, some of which fell in Ireland.
These pieces have helped scientists to understand much about how and when our solar system was formed.
Another permanent exhibition is Takabuti: Life and Death in Ancient Egypt. This looks at ancient Egyptian culture and features many artefacts that were used in people’s daily lives and also some items intended to be taken with them into their next life. The exhibition is built around the story of Takabuti, who was an ancient Egyptian woman.
The Saints and Scholars exhibit focuses on Christianity in Ireland. It goes back to when the religion first reached Ireland and has pieces dating from as far back as AD 400.
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The items tell the story of the Viking invasions, the medieval years and the collapse of the Irish kingdoms.
There are many more permanent exhibitions and there are also several temporary displays on show at all times. There are also many events taking place at the museum throughout the year as well as talks, lectures, courses and workshops.

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