Belfast Titanic Quarter

The Titanic Belfast is a museum that opened in 2012 to mark the 100th anniversary of the doomed maiden voyage of the world’s most famous ship. It is a striking building that is shaped like the front of the Titanic itself.

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It is located on the slipways where the ship was built. Inside the building, visitors learn all about the Titanic, from when she was built, to the launch of her maiden voyage, to the sinking of the ship and the myths and legends that have grown out of the story.
They can also explore the wreckage as there are videos of the scene that were taken after the ship was found in 1985. There are also interactive learning pods that tell more stories about the discovery.

Titanic Belfast copyright Ireland Calling
Titanic Belfast

There are many more interesting exhibits such as the Fit-Out which shows the luxurious interior of the ship, and the Aftermath which features details of inquires from both the British and the Americans as to why the ship sank.

Titanic Pump-House and dock

The Pump-House is located near to the Titanic Belfast building. Inside you can see the huge hydrochloric accumulator and pumps that were used by the Edwardian engineers.
Visitors can take a guided tour and also take in the Titanic’s dock, which was the last place the ship ever stood on dry land.
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Samson and Goliath

The two iconic gantry cranes that dominate the skyline of Belfast are situated near the Titanic Pump-House. The cranes are nicknamed Samson and Goliath after the biblical characters.
The cranes were used in ship building but they are largely redundant today. They are now historic monuments. Goliath is 315ft tall and Samson reaches 348ft. They have a combined lifting capacity of over 1,600 tonnes.

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