Belfast pubs and live music

Belfast boasts an eclectic mix of bars and pubs to sort all tastes. From stylish, trendy bars to traditional local pubs; from lively music bars to sports bars.

Belfast Attractions
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Sons and Daughters perform at the Limelight copyright Kim cc3
Traditional Irish music lovers will have a host of bars to choose from. Live bands play most nights in bars all over the city such as Fibber Magee’s, White’s Tavern and the John Hewitt Bar.
Fans of Jazz might like to try Bert’s Jazz bar and restaurant which has live jazz bands until late every night.
There are several nightclubs where tourists and locals party the night away. The Limelight is a live music venue that has live performances from the most promising new artists. Bands such as Oasis, Blur, the Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes have all performed there.
Other venues cater for many different musical tastes, from R&B to dance to hip hop, to old classics. There is something for everyone.

The Crown Bar

Inside the Crown Bar, Belfast copyright Ireland Calling
The most famous pub in Belfast is the Crown Bar. It was a busy and bustling bar in the Victorian era and it remains so today. It is owned by the National Trust and was restored to its former glory in 1981 and again in 2007. The architecture, with several snugs at the side of the room, is as it was in the Victorian times.
The carvings of the woodwork and the stained glass windows were originally added to the bar in the 1880s. Thanks to Catholic emancipation, several skilled Italian craftsmen began building Catholic churches. The bar’s owner, Patrick Flanagan, hired some of the craftsmen to work on his bar. The result was the unique and beautiful interior that has been replicated in the bar today.
The bar is always busy so you would have to get there early in the day if you want to have a seat in one of the snugs.
Belfast Attractions