Belfast – murals on Shankill Road and Falls Road

To get a real understanding of the history and conflict that has taken place in Belfast throughout the years it is a good idea to get a taxi tour of the Shankill Road and Falls Road.

Belfast Attractions
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Catholic Mural of Bobby Sands, Belfast Copyright Ireland Calling
The Shankill Road estate is a Protestant area while the Falls Road estate is Catholic. The conflicting neighbourhoods are side by side and are separated by a large wall that is known as the Peace Wall. The road that runs between the two areas is closed at night and a big gate is locked in an attempt to avoid trouble.
Residents on both sides of the wall have decorated many of the buildings in their areas with murals that relate to their cause.
Protestant Mural of The Red Hand of Ulster, Belfast Copyright Ireland Calling
Visitors can take a guided bus tour but as it is such a sensitive and controversial subject matter, many tourists have said that a taxi tour is preferable as the drivers are prepared to say more about the areas and murals. However, be aware that even the taxi drivers may have a strong leaning towards one side or the other.
During the tours most visitors will get out at the Peace Wall and be invited to write their own message of peace. Former US President, Bill Clinton and the Dali Lama are two of many renowned people to have added their message to the wall.

Belfast Attractions