Belfast Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are next to Belfast’s Queens University. There are several beautiful flower displays within the gardens as well as two buildings, Palm House and the Tropical Ravine.

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The Palm House contains several tropical plants and tall trees which are surrounded by climbing plants and hanging baskets.

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Botanic Gardens

There are two wings in the Palm House. The Stove Wing is very warm and houses exotic plants such as bromeliads, birds of paradise and frangipani. The Cool Wing contains seasonal displays which include flame nettles, spring bulbs and Schizanthus blooms.
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The Palm House was built in the Victorian period between 1839-52. It was designed by Sir Charles Lanyon and was one of the first glass houses to be built with curved iron. Such advances in glasshouse technology made it possible to grow exotic plants even in the middle of Belfast.
The Tropical Ravine was built in 1889 and contains seed plants such as banana, cinnamon, orchid plants and bromeliad. It is also home to a number of fish species and tropical plants such as flowering vines and tree fens.
The Gardens themselves include rose gardens, walking routes, children’s playgrounds, trees and flower beds.
They were established in 1828 and are an important link back to the Victorian era of the city. Many of the original plant collections can still be seen in the park.

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