Becoming an Irish citizen through marriage or civil partnership

People from overseas who are married to an Irish citizen could be entitled to become an Irish citizen – if they meet certain criteria.

They need to apply for citizen ship through naturalisation. It is the same process that any foreign nationals would go through.

However, if you are married or in a civil partnership with an Irish citizen the residence requirements are not so stringent.

The Minister for Justice and Equality has discretion to grant or refuse your application.

You can apply for citizenship through marriage or civil partnership using application forms on the INIS website. The application fee is currently €175.

Before you apply for Irish citizenship through marriage or civil partnership, make sure you meet the following conditions from the Citizens Information website:

  • You must be married to or in a recognised civil partnership* with the Irish citizen for at least 3 years
  • You must have had a period of 1 year’s continuous reckonable residence – see below – in the island of Ireland immediately before the date of your application, and during the 4 years preceding that, have had a total reckonable residence in the island of Ireland amounting to 2 years. Altogether you must have a total of 3 years reckonable residence out of the last 5 years.
  • Your marriage or civil partnership must be recognised as valid under Irish law
  • You and your spouse or civil partner must be living together as a married couple or civil partners
  • You must be of full age, good character and intend to continue to live on the island of Ireland
  • You must have made a declaration of fidelity to the nation and loyalty to the State.

Most applications are processed within six months and applicants are informed of the decision by registered post.

If the application is approved there will be some final documentation and a certification fee, after which the applicant will be invited to a citizenship ceremony and granted a certificate of naturalisation.

Currently the application fee for citizen ship through naturalisation is €175 – and the fee for the certificate of naturalisation is €950.

To apply for Irish citizenship through naturalisation visit the Department of Justice and equality website

. Form 8

Applicants need to use Form 8. You will need documents that provide evidence of your current identity and nationality (birth certificate and passport).

If your application is based on your marriage to an Irish citizen you will need to provide documents that prove your partner’s status as well as evidence of the marriage (for example, birth or naturalisation certificate of Irish spouse, marriage or civil registration certificate).

Your spouse must complete a sworn affidavit that you are living together as a married couple or civil partners.

You will also need to provide your last three months of payslips and bank statements as evidence of your financial and employment status and confirmation of your income tax situation.

For more information visit the citizens Information website.