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Roaring Stone of Destiny – ‘maker of kings’ on Hill of Tara

Lia Fail Stone of Destiny

The roaring Stone of Destiny on the Hill of Tara was used to select the king of Ireland…you can still go there today to see if you’re the chosen one. Be careful though as the area was also thought to be the entrance to the other world…and you never know …

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Navajo attorney general praises Irish people’s generosity in video thank you message

Navajo Attorney General, Doreen McPaul, praises Irish generosity

The Attorney General of the Navajo Nation has recorded a special video message to thank Irish people and people of Irish descent for their fantastic generosity during the Covid-19 crisis. The Navajo people have been hit particularly hard, with more than 3,000 cases and more than 100 deaths, much higher …

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Fabulous footage as surfers swim with 20 sharks off Irish coast

Surfers swim with basking sharks off Co Claire, Ireland

Surfers have filmed the moment they came face to face with about 20 huge basking sharks off the coast of Co Clare in Ireland. Ray O’Foghlu was surfing with friends when they chanced upon the magnificent creatures feeding just offshore at Milton Paraic. Thankfully, conditions were ideal with clear water, …

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Heartmelting Mother's Day poem from Irish writer Lewis Kenny

Lewis Kenny's heartwarming poem for Mother's Day by Lewis Kenny

Most men will admit that they don’t think about their mother often enough or treat her as considerately as they should. They forget that while they’re busy getting on with working lives, their mothers are always worrying about them and willing them on, ready to do anything they can to …

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