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Babies will laugh at anything…and how they lift our spirits when they do

babies laughing

It’s music to every parents ears…the sound of their baby laughing, especially that throaty uncontrollable laughter that can explode from the tiniest little thing. Dad blowing a raspberry, mum shaking her head from side to side or an energetic rendition of cootchy coo…the smallest little thing can get babies in …

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They should have asked my husband…a wife’s hilarious insight

Know it all

We all know them don’t we…the people who know everything and pontificate on every subject from how to fix dripping tap to how to solve the latest political crisis. And it doesn’t matter what our little opinion might be. They’re going to overwhelm it with their infinite wisdom and booming …

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Live like ancient Irish royalty in this restored castle – ideal holiday getaway

Ballytarsna Hackett Castle

They say every Irish person is descended from Irish kings…well, now you have a chance to live like one, if only for a week or two on holiday. Ballytarsna-Hackett Castle is a 15th century tower house that will give you a taste of luxury living, medieval style. It’s available on …

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British mock their own Prime Minister Johnson as he fidgets next to Irish Taoiseach

British mock Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson found himself the butt of the joke after his shuffling, fidgety behaviour during a joint press conference with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. The two leaders met in Dublin to discuss Britain’s departure from the European Union and the impact that would have on both countries.

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British Prime Minister’s father apologises over ‘let Irish shoot each other’

Boris and Stanley Johnson

The father of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologised for his comments about letting the Irish shoot each other. Stanley Johnson, who a former Member of the European Parliament, made the remarks when speaking on the British television show Good Morning Britain in October 2018.

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Comedy star Jimmy Carr speaks about his Irish heritage and dual British and Irish citizenship

Jimmy Carr

Top UK comedian Jimmy Carr has spoken about his Irish heritage and how being from an Irish family would sometimes cause problems for him growing up. Carr has been one of the UK’s most successful comedians over the last two decades and his aloof but easy-going style has made him …

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Irish women – fiery with bold personalities making them the perfect bride

five women in wedding dresses

Maybe it started with the Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley…or the revolutionary Countess Markiewicz…or actresses like Hollywood star Maureen O’Hara through to Saoirse Ronan… wherever it began, that image of the fiery, independent Irish woman is a still alive and thriving. The dating website Rose Brides has a section explaining the …

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