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Cat’s duckling children all grown up

Cat mothering three ducklings

Three lucky ducklings who were raised by a cat on a farm in Clara Co Offaly have now grown up but are still good friends with their foster family. The ducks were born on a farm ran by Ronan and Emma Lally. The couple had an impressive collection of animals …

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Derry cleric says priests should be allowed to marry

Derry cleric Fr Paddy O’Kane has called on the Catholic Church to allow priests to marry

A cleric in Derry has argued that the Catholic Church should give priests the option to get married and consider allowing women to become priests. Fr Paddy O’Kane also said that despite enjoying a ‘good life’ during his 45-year career, his celibacy led to loneliness and has caused him to …

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Sarah Jessica Parker writes poetic message to Ireland

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick holiday in Kilcar, Co Donegal

American star Sarah Jessica Parker wrote a moving and poetic farewell to Ireland after spending time in Co Donegal during the summer of 2018. The Sex and the City actress had been on holiday with husband Matthew Broderick in Kilcar, where they have a cottage.

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Kerry is named one of the top three places in the world to ‘visit before you die’

Boat at Killarney

The beautiful Co Kerry has been named as one of the top three places you ‘must visit before you die’ by a leading travel site. The south-western county, which is famous for its stunning scenery and many beauty spots, finished ahead of destinations such as Paris, Dubai and The Maldives …

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Why do the Irish speak English?

people talking

While the Irish language still exists, with tens of thousands of people in the country able to speak it, the vast majority of Irish people use English. So why is this? When did English become the most used language in Ireland?

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Study says Irish tourists are among the grumpiest in the world

Study says Irish tourists are among the grumpiest in the world

Irish holiday makers have been named as the second grumpiest in the world by data analysts RewardExpert. While the Irish have a great reputation for friendliness and hospitality towards visitors to Ireland – it seems they are quick to complain if they don’t get the same treatment when they are …

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Ed Sheeran speaks about the importance of his song writing process

Ed Sheeran speaks about songwriting and visiting his Irish family

Ed Sheeran says being a songwriter has not only brought him fame and success but has also been a source of therapy for him. The star from Suffolk, England, also revealed that he always like to stay in touch with his Irish roots and makes time to see his relatives …

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Why planes dim the lights before landing…it’s for a very good reason

The reason planes dim the lights before take off and landing

We’ve all got used to the safety routines on planes before take-off and the rules we have to abide by during the flight and just before landing. There’s the obligatory demonstrations by a stewardess and then the insistence of seat belts fastened, food trays folded back and all lockers closed …

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