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Irish woman divides Twitter with handy ice cube hack

Ice cubes

An Irish woman has shared a helpful tip on social media on how to store shop bought ice cubes and became a Twitter sensation in the process. The user -named Michelle – was surprised to discover that her flatmate was unaware that the ice could be shaken and saved in …

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Irish kids create brilliant rap video about the climate crisis

Irish school children make climate change rap video

School children in Cork have created a brilliant rap video that warns of the dangers of climate change and urges people to do something before it’s too late. The kids at the Cappabue N.S. school near Bantry teamed up with local music producer Garry McCarthy of GMC Beats.

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What are the most common misconceptions about Ireland?

puzzled red haired woman

For centuries Irish people have travelled across seas and oceans in search of pastures new. As a result, there are millions of people with Irish heritage all over the world. With numerous generations of emigrants having so many stories to tell, its no surprise that various preconceptions about the old …

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Time capsule of predictions made by Irish legend Gay Byrne in 1996 discovered

Gay Byrne

A letter written by Irish broadcasting legend Gay Byrne in 1996, in which he made predictions about the future, has been discovered. In the letter the TV star made several predictions about the what world would be like in the year 2020 – unfortunately, now we have arrived at that …

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Fans blast Jim Carrey for ‘creepy’ comments towards Margot Robbie on Graham Norton show

Jim Carrey and Margot Robbie

Comedy legend Jim Carrey found himself in hot water with Twitter users after an appearance on Irish chat star Graham Norton’s BBC show. Fans took exception to a conversation between Carrey and Australian star Margot Robbie, in which Carrey appeared to suggest that Robbie’s success was due to her looks …

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