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Obama’s ‘Irish homestead’ goes public

Obama’s Irish homestead goes public

The home where US President Barack Obama’s Irish ancestors used to live has been opened to the public. The President visited the house in Moneygall, Co Offaly in May last year. His ancestors, Joseph and Phoebe Kearney and their son, Falmouth, had lived there in the 1850s before emigrating to …

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Copy of Proclamation of Irish Republic sold for €124,000

An original copy of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic has been sold at auction for €124,000. It is thought to be one of only 50 out of 2,500 original copies to still exist. The document is one of the most important in Irish political history.

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Ryanair want cabin crew to lose weight to save fuel

Budget Irish airline Ryanair have revealed that they’re asking their cabin crew to shed a few pounds in a bid to save on fuel bills. The price of jet fuel has risen dramatically in recent years and other airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have reacted by passing …

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Ireland to be ‘best small country in the world by 2016’

The Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny has pledged to make Ireland the best small country in the world by 2016. Mr Kenny was speaking at the Fine Gael Ardfheis (annual party conference) when he addressed Ireland’s recent economic crisis and outlined his plans for the future. He said: “We will not …

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Irishmen considered ugliest in the world

The Republic of Ireland has been named as the country with the second least attractive men in the world by a leading dating website. The announcement comes from website beautifulpeople.com, which generated the results by asking the members of the site to rate new applicants based on their looks. When …

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Irish film star Liam Neeson may convert to Islam

Irish Hollywood star Liam Neeson says he is considering converting to Islam. Neeson was raised a Catholic and is named after a priest in Ireland. He has played iconic roles throughout his career including the Irish revolutionary Michael Collins, and he famously played a cleric in the film Cal. He’s …

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Time to sing the praises of Irish scientists

Ask most people what they think are Ireland’s greatest contributions to the world and they would probably come up with suggestions such as great music, great writers and, of course, great craic and hospitality. It’s unlikely that scientists would be high on the list, which is a shame because Ireland …

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Easter Rising 1916 – the event that changed Irish history

We’re now in the midst of the 95th anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916 – one of the most important events in Irish history. To mark the occasion, Irish Music Forever, has published a series of articles giving the background to the Rising, explaining what took place and analysing …

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Music to Irish ears – Ireland 24 England 8

Irish fans found their singing voices tonight as Ireland chalked up a fantastic victory over England at rugby. The Fields of Athenry – the adopted anthem of Irish fans for rugby and soccer – rang out across the Aviva stadium as Ireland pulled off their surprise win. Our congratulations to …

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