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Winston Churchill 'hoped for a united Ireland'

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill hoped for a united Ireland, according to a confidential report to the Secretary of the Department of External Affairs, Frederick Boland. The Irish Times report that while Churchill was not on good terms with Eamon de Valera due to Ireland’s neutral stance during the …

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You know you’re Irish when…

You know you're Irish when video

Irish comedy team Republic of Telly have created a great video titled ‘You Know You’re Irish When’. As the title suggests it shows a number of Irish people going through situations that will be familiar to anybody from Ireland.

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Stunning bird’s eye views of Limerick

A photographer/videographer has recorded some of the most spectacular footage ever taken of Limerick. Tony Grehan has created several videos of the city by using a GoPro camera mounted on a quadcopter. The videos give a bird’s eye view of the Munster city’s famous landmarks including the King John’s Castle, …

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Every Irish Christmas ever

Every Irish Christmas Ever by Republic of Telly

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year? Well if you are Irish the chances are that you will recognise some of the events in a superb video from the always hilarious Republic of Telly. The video – titled Every Christmas Ever – takes us into the home of a …

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Irish brides and grooms getting older

White wedding dress. Photo copyright David Ball CC3

Irish people are waiting longer to get married as brides and grooms are an average of over five years older than they were two decades ago. The figures, from the Central Statistics Office, showed that the average age for a bride was now 33, while the groom was 35.

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Top 10 facts about the Irish way of life

We smuggle sausages and we clap when the plane lands … just two of the findings from a survey by the insurance giant Irish Life. To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the company commissioned a survey of its customers to find out the everyday habits and views of the average Irish …

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Origins of Halloween – the Hill of Ward

Samhain- forerunner of the modern Halloween

Archaeologists in Ireland believe they may have found the site of the first ever Halloween bonfire. The site is the Hill of Ward in Co Meath. The Hill of Ward is also known as the Hill of Tlachtga – named after a powerful druidess of Celtic mythology. Tlachtga is said …

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