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Ireland reaches second place in the ‘good country’ index thanks to its global contribution to humanity

Dublin city sunset

Ireland has been named as the second best country in the world on the ‘Good Country Index’. The Good Country Index is published annually and rates countries on how humane they are and the extent to which they contribute to the greater good of humanity.

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The Pope could relax rules on celibacy for priests in areas of ‘pastoral necessity’

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has said that he will not abolish celibacy – although he is considering relaxing the rules in order to tackle the problem of a shortage of priests. He said that in remote areas where there are not enough priests to serve the parishes he may agree to ordaining …

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81-year-old ‘orphan’ finds birth mother aged 103 after 60 year search

Eileen Macken

An elderly Irish woman has described herself as ‘the happiest person alive’ after eventually finding her birth mother after a six-decade search. Eileen Macken, 81, said that she was so happy, she would ‘love to go and scream it from a mountain, ‘I’m not an orphan anymore!’.

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Dublin named one of the healthiest cities in the world for tourists to visit

Dublin at night

Dublin has long been admired as one of the most historic and culturally rich cities in the world, but now it’s also been named as one of the healthiest. Ireland’s capital is the 22nd healthiest city in the world, according to travelsupermarket.com who took several factors into account.

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Seasoned travellers vote Ireland one of the most beautiful countries in the world

Cliffs of Moher

Ireland has been voted one of the most beautiful countries in the world by readers of the Rough Guides, travel books. Whether you want stunning scenery, deserted sandy beaches, vibrant city life or a lively traditional culture, Ireland has something for you according to Rough Guides.

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The secret lives of Irish Protestants throughout history

church in Ireland

A project being carried out at the University College Dublin is looking into the experiences of people who grew up as Protestants in Ireland. Dr Deirdre Nuttall is carrying out the major folklore and oral history for the National Folklore Collection in UCD.

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Who Killed Sister Cathy: “The Keepers” Is Compelling TV Drama

Sister Cathy

The murder of Sister Cathy shocked America. There were allegations that it was linked to child abuse by priests and may have been covered up by the Catholic Church. Now Netflix has produced a documentary to try to find out exactly what happened. Author Bill Hughes looks at the story …

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Experimental cattle vaccines ‘were used on children in Irish mother and baby homes’

Experimental cattle vaccines were used on children in Irish mother and baby homes

Experimental drugs intended for cattle were tried out on children in Irish mother-and-baby homes, according to official reports obtained by the radio station, Newstalk. The report, from the Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health’s report to the Oireachtas in the year 2000, says the tests involved 290 children …

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