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Great Easter Rising animation from Irish teacher

Great Easter Rising video with Manny Man

Irish teacher John Ruddy has added the Easter Rising to his impressive collection of Manny Man history animations. The talented artist brilliantly explains the story of the Rising in just 8 minutes, with his signature character portraying all the key characters.

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Participants in Easter Rising 1916

Full list of who took part in Easter Rising 1916 available

It’s been the subject of debate for nearly a 100 years but now we have a definitive list of names showing who really took part in the Easter Rising 1916. We also have the official figure for how many rebels were in the GPO in that momentous period of Irish …

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British Army was '40% Irish' in Battle of Waterloo

Thousands of Irish soldiers took part in the Battle of Waterloo

When people think of Ireland’s military history, they often think of rebellions against the British and men such as Theobald Wolfe Tone and Michael Collins. There are countless more Irish men who fought for independence, and many of them are now celebrated as national heroes. However, there are several wars …

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