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99-year-old Irishman heads to Buenos Aires for Tango competition

James McManus

An Irish OAP is set to take the trip of a lifetime to Argentina to take part in a Tango contest – just before he turns 100! Waterford man James McManus started dancing in 2002 and it is believed he will become the oldest ever competitor at the Tango Buenos …

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Britain’s geographically challenged Foreign Secretary gets confused between Red Sea and Irish Sea

Dominic Raab

The UK’s new Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been left red-faced over his poor geography knowledge after it emerged he doesn’t know the difference between the Red Sea and the Irish Sea. Footage of Mr Raab attempting to reassure colleagues about the location of the border between the UK and …

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Ability to multi-task means women need more sleep than men

man snoring keeps woman awake

Women need more sleep than men, according to neuroscientists who say that, in general, women use more of their brains while they are awake. A common stereotype is that women are far better at multi-tasking than men, and it seems there is a lot of truth to that.

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Wedding photographer urges guests to put down their phones

wedding photographer asks guests to stop using their smartphones

A wedding photographer has hit out at guests who spend their time filming and taking photos on their phones during the ceremony and reception. In an open letter, photographer Hannah Mbalenhle-Stanley, revealed that wedding guests could often inadvertently ruin her professional shots – and she provided a perfect example.

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Guinness planning an alcohol-free stout

Guinness gate

Guinness could be heading into the non-alcoholic beer market after it was revealed the company has been working on a drink for the designated driver. Diageo – Guinness’ parent company – are reacting to a greater demand for low alcohol products and have turned their attention to creating a new …

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Irish passport is one of the most powerful in the world

man looking at airport destinations

The Irish passport is one of the most powerful in the world, according to the latest rankings from the Henley and Partners Passport Index. The index uses exclusive data received from the International Air Transport Association to review countries across the world and give them ranking scores based how freely …

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