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Heart-warming video tells story of young family’s newest addition

A young family have created a heart-warming video of the mum’s pregnancy with their second child.

The video took nine months to produce, but was worth the wait. It tells the story of the young mum’s pregnancy in a sequence of short video clips from the beginning to the end of her term.

The setting is a loving family home with the mum is stood in the same spot for the entire video. The positioning of young daughter’s toys are the cue to every new scene, as they have been scattered across the room in varying places.

As the film goes on, Mum’s bump gets bigger and bigger, and the husband and daughter dart across the room every so often to give her a kiss and a cuddle.

In the final scene, the young daughter kisses her Mummy on the tummy and a newborn baby springs into the picture.

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With Mum cradling the newborn, and Dad holding the daughter, the whole of the happy family move forward to the camera smiling in a heart-warming closing image.

The shooting of the video is an incredibly creative idea, and has produced a film that is sure to pull on the heartstrings of even the stoniest of characters.

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