Taoiseach calls Trump comments “racist and dangerous”

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4 Responses

  1. Dick starr says:

    Religion happens to be what binds this particular group together. Behavior in this case makes Americans concerned enough to suggest a temporary ban until we can know who’s coming in. If that’s racist, fine! It sure beats the hell out of what’s going on all across the European Union because liberals are being politically correct at the expense of the safety of your citizens. As for Trump,I’m not a fan, but Hilary? Oh hell ! God take me now!

  2. Deborah Clinton says:

    And your choice would be Hillary??

  3. Margaret Desmond says:

    I heartily agree with David Gilbert’s comment and frankly I can’t see how anyone would consider Mr. Kenny’s comments to be anything other than the truth!

    If your post is meant to stir up reaction, well, it looks like you have succeeded. On the other hand, your post seemingly shows a lack of knowledge of European perspective on this issue

  4. David Gilbert says:

    It is my sincere hope as a citizen of the US that D.Trump is NOT elected.It seems that people of reason still vastly outnumber the clamoring trailer trash that constitutes a huge proportion of his voter base,so one can only hope that reason prevails.

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