Saoirse Ronan backs Hozier charity single in domestic violence campaign

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  1. Jane McAndrew says:

    This is wonderful. I was an abused woman on more than one time and by more one person. But not any more. Those days are behind me. But still carry the scars of the mental abuse that is the hardest to get over.Thank you for all you are doing.. A friend wanted me to write a book because of all I had been through and came out the through it in spite of everything. But when I thin of the times I was beaten my all the different men it was just too hard. It was mountain I didn’t think I could climb. But I made it to 66 and next month I will be 67 and the first man who abused a lot is dead. There is karma he did not get to see our grow up or see our grandchildren. HE did not get to see what a wonderful son I raised all by self. Your never know how strong you are till you have to strong.Once again thank you for standing up for us who most of the time are forgotten.

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