Galway announced as European Capital of Culture 2020

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  1. -Kip McGrath (Kathleen Harrison) says:

    During visit to United Irish Cultural Center San Francisco, my mother Maggie Bermingham of 12 Emily Place, Dublin spoke often of the suffering of the Irish people during the rebellion. She carried messages and food back and forth – caught many times. Having delivered messages one night she was stopped by English Soldiers.After interrogation they released her. irish men watched – back tracked and killed the soldiers in front of mom. She was on a” “Wanted List”.Her father brought her to England.W hen she returned to Dublin 3 months later, her parents had her in hiding until they could get her back to England for safety.The stories exchanged by our table guests were heart rendering -they agreed Galway,Cork and Dublin had it the worst. My only regret is I didn’t have a tape recorder with me. We can’t forget, we loved them yet, the fennils of Ireland.

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