Donald Trump tipped to be the prize dummy after straw poll

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  1. Angel says:

    Gloria Dibel does not speak for most of us in the US; in fact she speaks for less than 40% of Republicans alone. Almost all of us are desperate to find someone who will undo all the harm to our country that the current embarrassment in the White House has done, as well as that of our self-enriching, power-hungry, do-nothing Congress. However, Donald Trump is not the answer. As a lifetime liberal who equates himself with God and has the temperament of a twelve-year-old spoiled brat (and the vocabulary) and has no knowledge of anything at all outside of conning investors out of their money to make himself rich, Trump would be an even bigger embarrassment and do even greater harm to the US. We have a saying for all the liberals who voted for obama…they drank the koolaid. The same thing has happened with some supposed conservatives and they are so infatuated with the orange demagogue that they can no longer see reason. It’s sad to see that the greatest nation on earth has now sunk so low that we have nothing better to offer than Trump or Clinton, both lying con-artists who care nothing for their country and only for themselves, in our upcoming election. I think the scarecrows are great!

  2. gloria dibel says:

    Donald Trump is painted to be dark and stupid by the democrats (who are in reality looking in a mirror at themselves). President Trump will be a great prize for ALL in these great United States of America. HE is not a liar, but a bright man who loves our country, We look forward to welcoming him to the White House, OUR House đŸ™‚

  3. James E Nolan says:

    Martin Lawlor you must be a Socialist/Leftist if you think Trump doesn’t make sense, and makes a fool of himself with his statements. I hope for the sake of America, and the world Trump is elected, and we don’t have to endure the BS that we’ve been dealing with here in America for the last 71/2 years.

  4. Debbie Douglas says:


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