Bob Geldof urges Irish living in UK to back Remain camp

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3 Responses

  1. TommyRattigan says:

    Hi Bob. Give us a good reason why we should vote to stay in the EU which is run by collective unelected band of nobodies! Come to think of it, Who elected you; a nobody, as a spokes person for the Irish? You obviously want to stay in the EU like David Cameron because it probablly is of a finacial advantage to you. I’ve just come from my local newsagents and watched as a gypsy from Slovakia was sending a wad of £20 notes home to her country so don’t go telling me it’s for the economical good for our country. My Irish Uncles and my father fought a war to keep people like you free from tryanny and an unelected madman called HItler who wanted to do exactly what the EU is attempting to do now. A Untied States of the EU! I would never vote for such a thing! The Irish may have been blinded by their ignorance along with their own corrupt goverment but us Irish living here in England won’t be. Go Hang your head in shame and if you are ever passing the cenetaph in London. DRop a reef of white feathers their.

  2. Jimkell says:

    Get the hell out of the Eu, It has brought nothing but sadness and sorrow with all the corruption,, privitisation is the aim, selling off our natural resources causing RAPINE of our wonderful people and nation ,
    Leaving the Eu wull not effect traveling or working in England,, im am a returned emigrant from the sixties before the Eu came into been, vote with your heart and give Ireland back to its people and not to Europe!!!!!

  3. rita cahull says:

    Fuck off you two face rat junk head

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