Woman researching family tree discovers mass grave of Irish emigrants

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11 Responses

  1. Joanna says:

    All in all… this is exciting news, to think so many families will have a sort of closure, or trail.☺️

  2. Gabrielle M. Harding says:

    Wonder if I would still find family vault in Trim going back to 1700s and in Dublin?

  3. Vicki Doody says:

    One more British atrocity against the Irish. This is a wonderful project and I wish you heaps of success here. Both my husband and are australian with Irish Ancestry

  4. kay kitchen says:

    Yes, that’s right – it was a pretty terrible time for the poor Irish. The English had armed guards protecting the wagons carrying the food to the ports to ship to England to stop the Irish attacking the wagons and stealing the food

  5. Burke Elizabeth says:

    I totally agree with you Patsy Kitt. It was a deliberate holocaust of the Irish people and it is my opinion that the British Government acknowledge this fact of history and the Queen should apologize to the Irish people and their decendants for the crime against humanity that was committed in the 1840’s.

  6. Good story and great research, but poor journalism. This is NOT a mass gave. That denotes many persons buried together, not usually marked as t oa ll certainly not marked with individual markers.
    Happy though that someone is taking time to rectify a wrong.
    Well done.

  7. Patsy Kitt says:

    Brilliant research many people may now be able to peice together their family tree. One thing however I must say please don’t call it a potatoe famine it was a holocaust in people starved while food was plentiful the food was shipped to England by the tonne while people in Ireland were let to starve a shameful part of British history.

  8. Shocking, SHOCKING how little the ancestors mean to some people..that the bodies were lost and ignored that way? I’m so very glad that this is being rectified, and grateful for Annie and Bill and TIARA. Thanks for the story.

  9. Bonnie & James Heffernan says:

    Our Family Tree Fowler & Heffernan

  10. Pat Ford says:

    Sad that these graves markers were lost and happy that they are now found and the names and remains will be identified.

  11. Elizabeth Ernest says:

    Great work, well done

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