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When your car gets stuck on your way to the ferry

We all know Irish country roads can be narrow but this is ridiculous. Actually, it’s not a road at all; it’s a walkway leading down to the Blasket Islands Ferry on the coast of Co Kerry.

There’s barely enough room for two people to pass comfortably but that didn’t stop this tourist from trying to drive down and squeeze his Hyundai through the narrowest of gaps, despite the warning signs saying it was unsuitable for cars.

Not surprisingly, he failed and found himself wedged between the pathway walls, unable to move forwards or backwards.

A man got his car stuck in a walkway near the Blasket Islands
Tourist stuck on walkway – photo from Blasket Island Ferries

He was stuck there for the night and had to be wait to be rescued the next morning by a friendly farmer who pulled the car out with a tractor.

By that time unfortunately, the ferry company had to cancel its morning sailing to the Blaskets because passengers had been unable to get past the stranded vehicle. Sailings eventually resumed at noon.

The tourist has not been named but his Hyundai had a Cork number plate.

Ferry company spokesperson Sibéal Ní Lubhaing said: “He had great dreams of camping out beside the pier. But it all went horribly wrong – he’s world famous now at this stage.

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“I think it was quite innocent. He just chanced his luck. He was terribly embarrassed about the whole thing.”

The pathway is known as Sheep’s Walk and is the scene of one of the internet’s most popular Irish photos, featuring sheep making the long, steep ascent.

Sheep coming home after a few days on the Blasket Islands off the coast of Kerry.
Sheep coming home after a few days on the Blasket Islands off the coast of Kerry. Photo from Blasket Island Ferries.


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