What makes you proud to be Irish?

Michael Kehoe

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2 Responses

  1. annemarie dunne george says:

    I totally agree with everyone in the video, and am extremely proud of my Irish American Heritage. The month I spent in the Leitrim/Fermanagh area was the highlight of my life. But with such wonderful, kind, welcoming, beautiful people I don’t understand why there is still trouble in Belfast. Who or what is poisoning the minds of the young people? I’m comparing it to the troubles we are now having in South Carolina with the young man who killed the 9 people in the Black church and the Confederate flag. History is just that, history. What happened happened and reliving it is not going to change it. It is so sad that a few people or one person can reflect on so many and cause so much hatred.

  2. Robert Canny says:

    I was visiting family in Ireland in the early spring in the late sixties. On the radio the Irish were warned about some things to expect from Tourist from the States. What I remember – They tend to be loud in the pubs because that’s the way it is in the States – There are two types at the end of the day – The ones who thinks everyone likes them and the ones who can’t stop complaining. Ireland is constantly changing. The one thing that hasn’t changed is hospitality and a sincere welcome to those who come to share the culture, history, and struggle the Irish have endured. My parents were part of the generation who endured and emigrated. Lucky for me there were seven Uncles left behind. My first visit was with my father, who was away for forty years. Tears when we arrived, tears when we left. That’s another story. Many trips for me after that. At first it was helping them bring in the turf – making cocks of hay – being the young Yank they handed the pincers to castrate the ram(you don’t cut anything off you just crush the vessels) – this led to fishing for salmon, trout and mackerel(Blue Pool Co. Clare) – golfing, darts at the pub, climbing mountains -trips to Doolin when you had to wait for the farmers to finish milking and wash up for a Saturday night set. After eleven trips I will never call myself Irish – it will always be Irish-American and Proud of it

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