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What do Irish kids think about Irish weather?

In Ireland there is one thing you can be sure of where the weather is concerned – if the forecasters say the sun will come out, chances are it will rain all week.

You would think that in this age of technological brilliance, we should be able to predict with some accuracy what sort of days we will having in the coming week.

However, nature is still always one step ahead – to the endless embarrassment of the experts.

Irish children talk about the weather in Ireland

So if the professionals find it so difficult to talk about the weather, why not give a bunch of kids a chance?

That is just what YouTube channel YouthTuber have done. They asked several Irish children about the Irish weather.

They were not impressed with one saying: “Ireland’s brilliant if you like the rain and the cold.” If he had added that this is the weather we can expect for the coming weeks then he might prove more accurate than the forecasters!

The kids definitely preferred other types of weather. When asked what they would change about Irish weather they went for a mixture of more sun and more snow.

They also revealed where they think has the best weather.

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