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VIDEO – taxi firm show ‘how ridiculous discrimination is’ ahead of referendum

An Irish taxi firm have come up with a novel way of weighing into the same-sex marriage debate by releasing an ironic ‘heterophobic’ video.

The video, by taxi firm Hailo, features a Dublin taxi driver making a number of discriminatory comments about heterosexuals in front of unsuspecting passengers.

Hailo’s aim is to show “how ridiculous discrimination is”, according to the Irish Mirror.

Hilarious video - Dublin taxi firm release video of ‘Heterophobic’ driver in a bid to highlight ‘how ridiculous discrimination is’

The driver expresses many clichés which are associated with typical homophobic statements, but with the twist that he is aiming his comment towards heterosexuals rather than homosexuals.

He told one customer: “You always said Cain and Abel – it wasn’t Jane and Abel, you know?” He complained to another that he doesn’t see his straight uncle much because he’s ‘a bit overpowering’.

He also complained that the road he was driving down was ‘probably the straightest road in Dublin’.

In a style similar to a TV ‘hidden camera’ comedy show, the reactions of the bemused passengers were as funny as the statements that the driver was making. Many of the passengers didn’t know what to make of him, while others just had a little laugh to themselves.

He had a sticker in his cab that expressed the message ‘No Breeders’ and explained to his passenger: “The old heterosexuals, you know, just doing their own thing… and then leaving other people to pick up the pieces.”

A spokesman for Hailo said: “At Hailo, all our drivers are stars. But when we had an idea to show just how ridiculous discrimination is, one driver in particular shone through.”

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Take a look at Hailo’s ‘heterophobic’ taxi driver below


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