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Video of trained dog tending to Irish epilepsy sufferer

An Irish woman has posted a video that highlights the importance of training help dogs for people with disabilities.

Shannon Locke suffers from epilepsy. She filmed her pet Labrador Poppy spring into action as she had an epileptic fit.

The 23-year-old from Co Down is at serious risk when she has an epileptic fit and could even die.

Video posted by Irish woman who suffers from epilepsy highlights importance of trained dogs

Thankfully Poppy is able to help her, first by sensing when a seizure is about to happen and then by taking care of Shannon when it does.

Poppy can predict the seizure up to 15 minutes before it happens which gives Shannon time to find a safe place to lay down before it begins.

Before Shannon had Poppy, she didn’t have any warning about when a seizure was imminent and has been in danger of seriously hurting herself.

Once she fell down some stairs during a seizure and without assistance it could take up to two hours before she regains consciousness.

Her brother Ryan posted on YouTube: “Poppy gave her owner Shannon 15 mins warning of this seizure starting.”

As Shannon was having a seizure, the video shows Poppy helping her by licking her face.

Ryan said: “Poppy licks her mouth excessively for 2 reasons – 1, to help Shannon come around quicker and 2, to lick away excess saliva to help prevent her choking.”

Shannon has set up a charity for people who need trained service dogs called Disability Assistance Dogs

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Take a look at the video below.

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