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Video – men try to put make-up on women

A recent video from the Cosmopolitan YouTube channel gives us guys an insight into just what a skilled process the application of make-up really is.

The video showed some brave women allowing men to ‘get creative’ and put a variety of make-up products onto their faces.

The men had never done this before – and it certainly showed. They opted against subtlety and instead applied generous amounts of foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, and lipstick.

What chance would men have when applying make-up to women?

The guys weren’t really given any instructions and at one point one man said: “I’m going to use this brush, just because it feels right.”

Another told his lady: “We’re going for underdog status.”

The girls showed that they were game for a laugh, although the video didn’t make it clear whether or not they went out with their ‘new’ make up!

It will give men a new found respect for the complexity of the task.

Maybe we should think twice before complaining how long our other halves take to get ready for a night out after watching this!

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