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Video – Liam Neeson reads out mean tweet about his face

Liam Neeson was invited to read out a nasty tweet written about him as he appeared as a mystery guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Judging by the hilariously dark way that Neeson read the tweet we’re kind of worried for the brave/stupid person that sent it.

Neeson read the tweet as part of Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweet Week’. Other celebrities made to see what the keyboard warriors had to say included Katy Perry, Jeff Bridges, The Rock, Bette Midler, Benedict Cumberbatch and Danny McBride.

Hilarious video - Celebrities including Liam Neeson read out mean tweets about themselves on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Neeson read out a particularly mean tweet by someone who said that his face looked like a ‘butt’.

As he stood in front of the camera he pulled a very sad face as if his feelings were truly hurt while REM’s ‘Everybody hurts’ played in the background.

However, as he walked off it is easy to imagine him thinking that while he doesn’t know who the tweeter is, he will find him and he will… well you know the rest.

Take a look at the hilarious video of Liam Neeson below. Neeson comes in at around 2.30 into the video.

Here are some other celebrities reading out mean tweets about themselves.

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Written by Michael Kehoe

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