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VIDEO – Europe’s largest ‘wooden rollercoaster’ coming to Tayto Park

Irish Snack giant Tayto have released a video of a thrilling rollercoaster ride that is currently under construction in Kilbrew, Co Meath.

The Cú Chulainn Coaster will take pride of place at ‘Tayto Park’ and is set to be the largest inverted wooden rollercoaster in Europe.

Tayto are a massive company in Ireland who are best known for their range of crisps, or potato chips. Rollercoasters might not have been the most natural thing for them to have branched out into.

Video simulation - Europe’s largest inverted wooden  rollercoaster coming to  Tayto park in Co Meath this summer

However, you can always expect the unexpected in Ireland. Just when we were wandering whether Tayto were experimenting with new flavours of crisps they announced a ‘crisp themed’ theme park. Tayto Park opened in 2010 and they have never looked back. It is now one of the most visited attractions in Ireland.

The Cú Chulainn Coaster is named after a legendary Irish hero. It is just over 32 metres tall and has a 29 metre drop.

It is made from 800,000 kgs of yellow pine wood and 100 tonnes of steel.

The ride is set to open in the summer but Tayto have released the video as a little taster of what we can expect.

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