US firm to demolish 5,000 year old Irish ring fort

Michael Kehoe

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  1. Kathy says:

    Where’s the petition to sign??? Could someone please set that up.

  2. The Facebook Page is gone or unavailable, story? says:

    The Facebook Page is gone or unavailable, story?

  3. michael snoek says:

    …it is too cheap to blame the us-company or any other investor. fact is this site has been sold for building/development purposes. so we have to check~: by whome, who gave the permission, was an impact assessment study done, were the archeological facts checked? could it be that a ruling class in dublin, those who also vigerously reject apple’s 13 bill. euro taxes, could they be the ones who ‘facilitated’ the permission? what is the role of waterford’s admin? who was bribed, whoes arms were twisted? this is an event of our own making, do not blame outside people!…..

  4. Emmet Cooney says:

    What I do not get is why do we have a National Monuments Service at all – if they do not protect our monuments and our heritage? It is NOT their job to facilitate big business, or create jobs – whatever. We have a separate Authority for that called the Industrial Development Authority (IDA). Why double up? This is a farce surely. In the Heritage v. Development debate – I understand that priorities can conflict, but I hate hypocrisy. The Government/Establishment are wasting public money in times of scarcity. If the reality is that they do not give a damn about heritage (which for me is at the very heart of the soul of my country!) why pretend otherwise? Do they think they are fooling anybody anymore? Either let the NMS do their job properly or Abolish them!

  5. Myra ODowd says:

    When I was in Ireland in 2003 I was amazed by the old building have new additions and all being used. It was heart warming. I think of all of the history that has been destroyed here in America by corporations in the name of progress which is another word for money. There is very little left here for us to be proud of from out past and there really is no progress that has benefited us. Please Ireland wake up to what has happened here and do not let it happen to your beautiful country. You must watch the business man who offers progress in one , watch for the knife in his other hand. History will keep repeating if we close our eyes to these people.

  6. Bongo says:

    coming soon to England, were gonna smash up Stonehenge and put up the biggest Walmart in Western Europe!

  7. Dee McIlroy says:

    While this is not typically American, it is however typically Corporate American greed. “Let nothing stand in the way of progress” Progress should never be allowed to eliminate History.

  8. Linda Mills says:

    Looking at the previous dates in this feed it appears to be an old thread. How come we’ve not heard about this before? I tried to register a vote but that is now closed.
    At the end of the day we are controlled, not by our governments, but by commerce. Commerce has absolutely nothing to do with preserving our historical sites and everything to do with making the biggest buck, without concience about the resulting loss of our heritage.
    We have all been reduced to the common denominator of ‘money’ and the worth of everything is simply the monetary value. We are becoming a very shallow society as a result.
    We will live to regret it.

  9. Rob Lester says:

    Please don’t think this is typical of Americans; the Bulk of my friends would MUCH rather see the the plant either alter the plans, or [preferably] move to another site entirely.
    The statement made about preserving any archaeological finds is at best humorous, and at worse an absolute lie.
    How much preservation is done with a back-hoe, or bull-dozer, or those ever so gentle Earth-movers…
    This site should be protected and the region should never have allowed it’s sale…
    5,000 years is a testament to time, that these people made their mark and changed their world.
    I am truly disappointed and disgusted by corporate America…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, this content isn’t available at the moment
    The link you followed may have expired, or the Page may only be visible to an audience that you aren’t in.

  11. cathy difranco (nee Ryan) says:

    should have a petition here and in try stop them from destroying this lovely old historical site plenty of Irish/Americans who
    would be against it also. .i tried to go to the facebook page to leave a comment was told i have been denied access to f/bookpage as outside of area?..go figure

  12. Tadhg Kirwan says:

    As an archaeologist and American, I am apalled at the behaviour of this company…this move is very typical of American big business, history does not matter, people do not matter, all that matters to these people are $$$$$$. Anything i can do to help stop his from happening i will do….

  13. A. A. McAdams says:

    Anything we can do to help, on this side of the pond? Don’t they have any historical preservation laws there? I never understand why they need to wreck stuff, can’t they buy the property next door & fence off this area? Why can’t anybody compromise anymore?

  14. Well, we might wont change anything but at least I like to try. Maybe one or the other wants to sign the petition to save the ringfort.

  15. martina pauken says:

    Well, we might wont change anything but at least I like to try. Maybe one or the other wants to sign the petition to save the ringfort.

  16. Ger says:

    There’s no other area where they can build this plant? Big pharma. Typical. Drug pushers selling poisons.

  17. Arthur O'Duffy says:

    You can get away with anything in Ireland if you can pay off the ‘right ‘ people. Industrial development is used to justify the destruction of places of cultural significance.There is a peasant mentality in this country. Example1 we can’t speak our national language 2 We ape British culture such as football etc

  18. Christina says:


  19. larry gagnon says:

    I can’ t understand why the Irish Govt and the drug co.would do such a thing. There would be a greater societal benefit if they found a way to protect the site and donate it back to the Irish people who deserve to own it in perpetuity!
    Time for concerned Irish folk to threaten to instigate a worldwide boycott of the Company’s products and physically take over the site Ghandi style!

  20. valentine molloy says:

    There is also the threat; because it is a chemical company, the surrounding land, air and water, may become polluted and poisoned.

  21. Derek Smith says:

    This is another example of the Irish government and state departments ripping this country apart and selling its assets to the highest bidders, shame on them, should be buying up these sites and preserving them for future generations

  22. Mary Webb says:

    Why is our President always blamed.? He had nothing to do with this. Some person with the power to sell Historical sites sold it to the highest bidder. He sold it to a Pharmaceutical company from America. Shame on him and the Irish government for selling this piece of land and shame on the American company for destroying it.
    I am Irish born and raised I live in America. I think the entire process is disgusting.
    I believe many Americans would join in the fight to keep such a valuable landmark.
    Post the site for people to stop the development of this atrocity .

  23. Garry says:

    I am from England so if folks think I should mind my own business then that’s fair enough but globalisation is leading to ancient monuments, woodlands and environments being destroyed all over the world so I think we need to act as a global community to stop all this damage. I am praying that somehow this decision can be reversed or changed to keep the fort intact.

  24. Cordelia Nic Fhearraigh says:

    Aontaím leat James

  25. Guy Burger says:

    An ordinary citizen cant change the fundamental design of a historic house but some rich company can destroy a 5000 year old ring fort and rare piece of Celtic history brick by brick.

    There are some disgustingly corrupt individuals in this affair that need to hang their heads in shame.

  26. Jer says:

    Sounds deeply cynical to me. The last sentence, quoting Emily Denney of WPS said the company hopes that this [destruction]… “will add to the public’s… appreciation for Waterford’s rich archaeological heritage.”

  27. Sa Gri says:

    “Knockhouse Ringfort”. Read article!

  28. michael smyth says:

    the whole thing reeks of back handers, I hope the land is cursed and they get whats coming to them

  29. ronald says:

    Stand fight treat them like isil

  30. brenda farrell says:

    And we call Isis barbarians when they destroy ancient sites!

  31. Noel Ryan says:

    It is a long time since I walked to stop the destruction of Woodkey but this is Ireland they would sell dare souls the so called uperclass the make me sick

  32. steve broome says:

    What gives these people the right to do this? If this site was known then why was the land sold? Is it that too many people are getting backhanders? This cannot go ahead protect this site if you can, the voice of the people will prevail.

  33. MICHAEL O'DOWD says:

    On no account can this site be destroyed by any company for any reason.Do like the good people of Moore Street in Dublin did and get it protected as a national treasure.They fought off everyone in Power and stood up to the Bullies.People power can overturn any decision that is plainly wrong and this is morally repugnant.Please, please protect our Heritage from Destruction and root out this Evil Vandalism.

  34. bridgeen brooks says:

    This can’t be allowed to happen, as Irish citizens we have an obligation to preserve historical sites like this that unfortunately are too often neglected, sad day for Ireland that’s all I can say

  35. Sue Taylor says:

    Can you please post FB details so we can support them

  36. Ruairi O'Neill says:

    We already know that the American Corporations and American Government has only one interest in Ireland and that is how much dollars they can get here. The Irish Government pimps it’s own people and country for the same dollar.

  37. Ruairi O'Neill says:

    The Irish Government has no interest in preserving Irish history or culture. There are empty industrial sites all over Ireland .

  38. Annette says:

    This is just wrong. This historical site should be preserved for future generations to marvel at also. Surely there is enough space in Ireland to build the manufacturing plant without destroying an archeological heritage site. I agree with Bernard Maegraith – Ireland, selling your soul for pieces of silver. Shame!

  39. Bridget McCarthy says:

    Firstly, can we not petition this?

    Secondly, these Americans will have no luck for it. Anyone who dares interfere with ring forts, fairy forts etc will have misfortune. Sean Quinn moved a megalithic tomb, and in 2011 filed for bankruptcy…… coincidence…..l You know it wasnt! Don’t mess with the fairies

  40. Martha Harris says:

    I agree with Sharon Jesse – Just sign me pissed in New Jersey (I did once live and work in Dublin)

  41. James says:

    The mentality of the Irish estsblishment has always been very simple – sell off, privatise, wash their hands of our national resources, heritage, and assets, and then play the **** the begrudgers card and call in the gardai as s private security force when anyone dares object. It happened in Rossport, Co.Mayo with Shell, it happened in Tara, and it would have happened with Trump in Co.Clare as well only he got cold feet. Across the board mainstream Irish political parties are run by multi jobbing business types who only wish to line their pockets – they are as far removed from the spirit of 1916 as Dutch Gold is from Champagne. “Ah sure isn’t a grand little country”.

    Slan agus beannacht libh, a chairde.

  42. L Mather says:

    The national service who is allowing such should be brought up on charges as well as the pharmacy company and they shouldn’t be allowed to do such to an oblivious historical monument, all pressure should be brought to bear upon both and Hibernians should show up and disrupt any attempt at destruction of this,the pharmacy lot are as bad as Isis in this by destroying it

  43. Patricia Newell says:

    As the houses on our street are over 100 years old we are not permitted to alter the facade of the buildings, yet this desecration is to be tolerated? Ridiculous and , unfortunately, all too typical!

  44. Sharon Jesse says:

    This kind of crap makes me sick. How can they be allowed to destroy a site that has been around for 5,000 years. That in itself should make it a Historical Monument. Why is it the government can just tear things down to build a company that is not needed or wanted. I also am from America and I just don’t get it. Why can they not preserve this place and make them find another piece of property that doesn’t have Historical value? Damn government only wants to destroy history. Sign me pissed in Pa.

  45. Sinéad says:

    I wonder who sold the land to the company. Apparently the land wasn’t even zoned when the company decided to move in there, according to this article: Who re-zoned it?

  46. Tom says:

    They will have bad luck for destroying this ring fort. All who were involved in this deal.

  47. Ann says:

    The Irish government sold it to a buyer. The buyer happened to be American. The buyer has the right to develop it if there are no prohibitions on the development. As an American of Irish descent I am disappointed that 1) the Irish government didn’t see fit to protect this land; 2) the buyer doesn’t see the value in protecting this land; 3) the people closest to the problem haven’t seen fit to do something about it long before now.
    I recognize that all historical sites cannot be preserved or we wouldn’t have much space left for our growing populations. But some areas do need to be protected and displayed so that we know where we’re coming from in order to figure out where we’re going. We’ve been to some wondeful sitez in Ireland and this seems like it could be another place of great value.

  48. Edelle says:

    Fairy power up! Time for some fun and trickery as only the Elementals know how. Nature nuture not pharmaceutical

  49. winnie says:

    Unbelievable.If you name the pharmaceutical company and get a petition going, you might be able to stop them. If no one plans to buys the product, they will react to that.

  50. O'Gara says:

    Shame on both the Irish government for selling the property and the pharmaceutical company that bought it with plans to destroy history. It should be declared an historical site and preserved.

  51. Carolina Prudom says:

    Don’t forget there were two parties involved, a buyer and a seller.

  52. Carolina Prudom says:

    Please remember that “the U.S.” did not buy the land. A company based in the US bought it because it is cheaper to do business in Ireland than it is in the US. This is the down side of being the low bidder.

  53. s fred says:

    Ireland will come to realize American Corporations don’t care about people, culture, history or doing what is right. Their religion is profits. They accomplish this many times by a “scorched earth” policy and handouts from local and national governments.

  54. Kelly Romito says:

    The Irish government sold it off

  55. David Scott says:

    Have it declared a NATIONAL TREASURE.

  56. Adrian says:

    I think these drug companies could easily find elsewhere to construct. This is not acceptable. Invasion and destruction comes to mind not progress.

  57. Jane says:

    My only thought on this possible destruction of sacred land is….who sold the property to this company? Perhaps that is where the real blame lies. You can’t purchase property that was not for sale. The people of Ireland should stop this atrocity from happening.

  58. nancy hutchinson says:

    YEs A LOUD OUTCRY….LET EVERYONE KNOW THIS..i EVEN HEARD Donald Trump mention that the pharmacutical companywas leaving the US for their .I did not know where though…that is awful.

  59. Irene says:

    Start a petition and peaceful demonstrations on the site. We did that for at least 4 or 5 yrs. and prevented Titan from constructing cement plant. Good lc

  60. Siobhan Black says:

    Please don’t let this happen, this is a valuable historical site, a factory could be built anywhere.

  61. Dave Smyth, Sr says:

    It’s hard to believe a company could destroy such a significant site! And why and who approved to do this! I’m sure there are other areas around to build. I’ve been there and way do they need to build it on that spot?

    Being from American myself, but having Irish root, I am saddened and shamed that an American company has so little regard for the history of Ireland! But again we think we have history here, right…

  62. Brinco says:

    Send a warning letter to their CEO. Cease and desist or else.

  63. Rosaleen says:

    The wee folk may not take too kindly to this at all.

  64. Paulette says:

    Horrid! Someone needs to stop this. I am American and I see the destruction of our historic places in the name of progress. Progress is not always for the good. I am doubly troubled by this because it’s another pharmaceutical company.

  65. Marilyn Sieck says:

    Why wasn’t this site protected by the Irish government? That step should have been taken long ago to protect it. It never should have been sold to anyone!

  66. Bernard Maegraith says:

    Disgusting. This is cultural vandalism at its worst. How can the Irish people sit back and allow such an attack on their archeological heritage? This is worth more than a lousy handful of corporate royalties – selling your soul for pieces of silver.

  67. Nicole says:

    This soooo wrong for this company to do this. Just a bottom line to them.

  68. Colleen Stubberud Herrington says:

    I feel for the people of Waterford and Ireland. The U.S. should NEVER have bought the land and the Irish government never should have put it up for sale!! You cannot replace historical monuments, buildings or artifacts!! All of the people involved in this should be so ashamed of themselves!! May they all slide down the banister of life with splinters facing towards their asses!!

  69. Jannie says:

    I read the article and the comments – a very sad situation. I was surprised that no-one had suggested that a campaign be set up. I don’t know much about the site or how effective it is, but I’ve seen a few successful campaigns. The site appears to be an on-line petition one. It might be worth trying. (I’m neither Irish nor American nor of Irish descent. I’m an Aussie of other U.K. descent.)

  70. Megan Munro says:

    No respect for history – shocking! Once it is destroyed you can’t bring it back

  71. Tania Murphy says:

    What is the name of the Facebook page the historians have set up? We need to support ant action taken and raise awareness of the importance of ringforts which unfortunately so many are ignorant of. We as a country have sold out plenty of assets for economic growth and although this type of
    erroneous thinking may continue…. we can at least insist of preserving these precious sites as at least an indication of our respect for our intergrity as a people. Slan

  72. Thomas Martin says:

    Idiot! Obama has nothing to do with this, you fool. Look in y6our own back yard.

  73. C parisi says:

    Why would Ireland sell an archeological gem? To make the money for the sale and then to let public outcry keep it from being developed? Kinda like having your cake and eating it too..

  74. fran says:

    all these comments are good but if thousands of people are not prepared to stand on the site constantly in shifts for a long time before construction begins its not going to make a difference.

  75. Rita Collins says:

    Right, so we are all in agreement. What do we do next because the government will not lead on this?

  76. Amy Farrelly says:

    It’s the Irish government that sold it and is allowing it.

  77. Phil says:

    5,000 years standing, and I reckon the pharmaceutical company won’t last 10years before it is another idle, vacant eyesore from the next recession that this government are on the verge of creating….. Sooner than we think…

  78. Helen Burke says:

    How can the people of Waterford allow this to happen. This government is definitely determined to make sure we have nothing left.

  79. Peter Garland says:

    Didn’t you know? The medical system in America, (in the Western World, probably) is sick! Like a giant octopus it crawls up on the Irish shores and gobbles down our heritage. Shame on the Irish “government” for selling out. St. Patrick is watching you, ladies!

  80. Damian O'Gara says:

    the US does what ever it likes in any country around the world doesn’t matter what the people of these countrys think money and greed

  81. Michael O'Connell says:

    The problem with the leadership in this banana republic is they the price of everything and the value of nothing. ..they will have no luck for this action They must be stopped …

  82. Dan Williams says:

    Ireland has licensed an American company to tear out this 5000-year old archeological treasure for yet another pharmaceutical manufacturer to build another ugly glass cage to scar the beautiful Waterford landscape. Worse yet, they’ll issue a report, telling us what they’ve destroyed after they’ve completed the destruction, of course. What sort of madness is this in the largest outdoor madhouse in the world? Wake up Ireland!

  83. K.A. Novotnt says:

    What the hell does President Obama have to do with Ireland selling its historical sites to a U.S. Pharmaceutical company? You make yourself sound foolish when you blame our president for anything you don’t like happening. Gee, Thanks, Obama!

  84. Maria Crawford says:

    This destruction should be stopped immediately. This ring fort should be preserved. They certainly will have no luck for destroying this site.

  85. kevin cusack says:

    This is disgraceful our national monuments and ring forts should be preserved and left for the future generations to admire.if a farmer merely touched a fort he would be prosecuted. Keep Ireland Irish

  86. Thomas M Quirk says:

    How can the Irish government allow this to happen. Sounds like Obama leadership.

  87. Please do whatever is necessary to preserve that ring fort.

  88. Bridget says:

    Thought they would have learned after the woodhenge disaster and M3

  89. Katherine Mahar says:

    The thought of this historic site being destroyed makes me physically ill. Why would they allow this desicration to happen? I pray to God that someone steps up and stops this before it is to late. I am an American of Irish descent.

  90. Judi Cannon says:

    How dare that company destroy such a significant site!?! And why on earth were they given license to do it!?!

    Being Anerican myself, I am saddened and shamed that an American company has so little regard for the history of Ireland!

  91. Judy Green says:

    This is disgusting and so typical of americans (& I am american…sigh). The Irish government & it’s people need to step in and stop this desecration!

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