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Time lapse video showcases beauty of Mourne Mountains

A Belfast student has created a fantastic time lapse video showcasing the beauty and majesty of the Mourne Mountains.

The Co Down range is one of the most stunning landscapes on the island and Ryan Simpson’s short film Beyond the Wall captures how their wonder changes throughout the seasons.Time lapse video showcases beauty of Mourne Mountains

Simpson named the video ‘Beyond The Wall’ in reference to the 22-mile-long Mourne Wall which passes across 15 different summits of the Mourne Mountains.

The film is breathtaking. The highest peak in the range is 850m and the views from the top are awe inspiring. The time lapse element of the video adds an extra touch of magic, with the clouds rolling across the various coloured skies.

Creator Simpson is an architecture student at Queen’s University Belfast. He posted his film online with the description: “The Mourne Mountains are one of the most spectacular locations on the island of Ireland. ‘Beyond The Wall’, my first time-lapse project, refers to the 22 mile long Mourne Wall which traverses 15 different summits. This short film is about crossing over that wall and into the unfolding landscape that’s inspired myth, fairy tale and not least C.S Lewis with his ‘Chronicles Of Narnia’. Recorded between July and December 2015, it is made up of 29 individual clips, all of which capture some of my favourite views in various moods across this mountain landscape.”

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Take a look at Simpson’s work below, and click here to visit his vimeo page.


One thought on “Time lapse video showcases beauty of Mourne Mountains

  1. Helen Crozier

    I enjoyed the video of the Mourne Mountains immensely. My ancestors immigrated from County Down during the potato famine. Keep up the good work. I had a short visit to Dublin about 30 years ago and took a tour to Glendaloch. The visit to Ireland was a side trip as two of my children were in a Jazz Band in High School and performed at the Harrogate Festival.
    We had a super tour of England a couple of days in Edinburg,Scotland and spent 3 weeks in total. I would like to have had more time in Ireland. My daughter-in-law is from County Clare. I live in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.Thanks for showing the video.

    09/01/2016 at 4:46 am

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