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The top ten most watched YouTube videos in Ireland

It has been another good year for online videos with celebrities and members of the public both choosing YouTube as a perfect way to get their message out there.

Videos of slickly produced comedy videos, inspirational messages and emotional speeches have all gone viral this year.

Whether it is professional videos from comedians, dancers, singers or entertainers, or ordinary people showcasing their talent, there have been an uncountable number of man hours whiled away in front of the video sharing giant.

Most watched YouTube videos in Ireland 2015 - Top ten includes videos that are thought-provoking, funny emotional and inspiring

YouTube have recently released the top ten most watched videos in Ireland for 2015.

The list contains a great mixture of comedy, thought provoking scenes, advice, sport stars, interviews and even recipes.

The top video in Ireland this year was a though provoking one that set out to challenge gender stereotypes.

Here is the top 10

10 – The Foreigner’s Guide to Irish Accents

9 – Minecraft Xbox – Everything Else

8 – Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council

7 – ThatcherJoe does that ‘candy’ video

6 – Miniature Guinness Cakes – The 60 Second Chef

5 – Jack Nicholson on the Ray D’Arcy Show

4 – Conor McGregor’s Heartbreaking Story About Late Young Fan

3 – Trying Japanese candy

2 – Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

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1 – Always #LikeAGirl

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