The comforts of home the Irish miss most when abroad

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  1. Kate Kelk says:

    Soda farls, wheaten bread, ormo biscuits and gravy chips all greatly missed by me plus always come back from Belfast with a load of tayto cheese and onion and nambarrie teabags!

  2. Gloria McQuillan says:

    I am an Irish American who has returned twice. I hope to one day, soon, return for good. Prior to going I believed it would be a once in a lifetime visit and I’d “get it out of my system and move on,” what I did not count on was falling in love with the people, land, and diversity. I swear its the only place my soul feels truly alive, I miss it, and the tayto’s too, the black currant jam, brown bread and cherry scones with cream and tea by a fireside. I miss being on the rugged coast, rolling hills and mountain tops, and the local (small) towns like Ennis, Ballymena, Newcastle and Drogheda. I miss the people, food and rhythm of speech, and the glimmer of smiling Irish eyes. Yes, you can say I am truly smitten with all that is Irish.

  3. Mary Williams says:

    I miss family , I miss everything . Music .good food . Big pot of tea put on the table when I have a cup out . ( Tiny jug of milk )a big jug of milk . When I have a cup of tea in M and S they give me a jug of milk the size of my thum , it drives me mad ,and then it’s milk that my dad gives to the calfs on the farm . I want to go back home to Galway and I will one day . I cannot bring myself to leave my children . They love Ireland I know they would be over there all the time .. I do go home 2 or 3 a year .when mammy was alive we spent all summer holidays there the kids loved it and I never want them to forget there roots .they are grown up now and married , they love Ireland ,I have my eye on a house there who knows I want to make it happen and it will . I wish I never had. To leave but in the 60s a lot did . O I could write a book . Better not say anymore . O my husband hates the Guinness here it is not like Ireland he says ,

  4. Mary Ahe4n says:

    Kerrygold and Barry’s are easy to find in USA

  5. Kyran G Battersby says:

    thank you all very much – I get tremendous pleasure reading your articles on Ireland Calling !
    Former Dubliner living in Georgia USA for 45 yrs !
    Kyran G Battersby

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