Ten steps to happiness from Pope Francis

Michael Kehoe

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  1. Raymond McAteer says:

    I personally adhere to these basic precepts of living and Living With God and living with His Children here on this beautiful planet, the cradle of Humanity, being a Good Steward of the Earth and acting accordingly and humanely and civilly towards those who differ from us. We are all one Human Family. Pope Francis, bless you and God bless us all.

  2. Robin Lee says:

    Amen Katherine Young! Jesus welcomes all to his Table..

  3. Eileen Foley says:

    I agree with Kathleen. I don’t stop. I don’t care if people who know me in church look at me. Until God himself tells me I shouldn’t go-I’m going. Although I was at a funeral mass and the priest stated “if for any reason you cannot get communion or do not wish to take communion, please come up to the alter and put your hands across your chest for a blessing.” I thought that was very considerate for the people who may not be catholic.

  4. Kathleen Young says:

    I HAVE NEVER STOPPED RECEIVING COMMUNION – You answer to God. Jesus welcomed all to his table. I am welcome to his table, as are you.

  5. Maria Kelly says:

    I have to work Sundays to pay the bills was married and had six kids to my husband as I promised god my vows now the church won’t let me receive Holy communion because my husband had no respect for our marriage so now I’ll bring up my kids but won’t go to church anymore it’s a mans would he dosnt provide for his kids but still receives hypochrte

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