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Taoiseach will deliver graveside oration for Easter Rising rebel

The state funeral of Easter Rising rebel Thomas Kent will take place this week with Taoiseach Enda Kenny delivering a graveside oration.

Thomas Kent State funeral. Enda Kenny photo copyright Ignis Fatuus CC2

President Higgins will also be in attendance as the remains of Kent are interred at his family plot in Castlelyons in Cork.

Kent was executed by firing squad at Cork prison on 9th May 1916. He was a member of the Irish Volunteers and was prepared to take part in the Easter Rising, but received message that it wasn’t to go ahead.

In the following days, once the Rising had ended the British sought out members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, Irish Volunteers and Sinn Féin.

Kent’s house was stormed by the Royal Irish Constabulary and he fought with his three brothers to evade arrest.

One RIC policeman was shot dead, and Kent was sentenced to death. Now, nearly 100 years on he will be given a State funeral with Enda Kenny delivering a graveside oration.

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The eulogy will come from military historian Gerry White.

The funeral will take place on Friday 18th September and will be broadcast live on RTÉ. It will be held at St Nicholas Church in Castlelyons, Cork. Thousands are expected to attend, and a special area will be set up outside the church for people to watch the mass live on large screens.


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