Survey reveals Ireland’s ‘best’ accent

Michael Kehoe

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12 Responses

  1. Catherine sims says:

    Donegal is a nice soft accent in a part of the country with very harsh accents. Galway is my personal favourite though. I hate our own Limerick accent.

  2. Syndera says:

    Mayo, now there you have it!

  3. Shells says:

    It’s the Madams Bank Road. You seem to be very familiar with the Geography. So pray tell , what accent do you have?

  4. Philomena Kilclinr says:

    I am from three Royal county Meath. The best county by far

  5. Lara Kc says:

    My own personal favourite is Galway and Fermanagh living in North Dublin not surprised the accent is horrific glad I avoided it rather a culchie mixed north Ireland accent then the dragged up sound of ND accent

  6. John Mc Donagh says:

    The confusing thing is that there are at least 8 distinctly different accents in Donegal. Manorcunningham being number 1 of course

  7. Willy Zombie says:

    That doesn’t actually make it the official name. [Well not yet anyway].

  8. Cathal says:

    Dún na nGall abú!

    Congrats to my Donegal neighbours, and this from a Tír Eoghain man! 🙂

  9. Michael O'Byrne says:

    Delighted my county, Donegal came out on top! I can’t disagree with that! 🙂

  10. Joe says:

    What a load of keek… With the amount of whining from those in Derry thank God for the Foyle bridge and Madams Band Road so that you can by-pass them and you would need a translator for that Cork accent.

  11. Norma O'Donnell says:

    I agree with the result obviously but I am happy with Derry being in the top 5 as my daughters stem cell consultant is a Derry man !

  12. was there in 1999 it was great i love it my grandparents was borm in calvin

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