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St Patrick’s story in pictures – infographic

With St Patrick’s Day approaching, people in Ireland, and millions more across the world, are getting ready to celebrate.

The National Day has become a celebration about all things Irish, not just the patron saint.

Patrick had a fascinating life, but how much do people actually know about him? MurphyofIreland have produced a fantastic infographic that offers quick and easy to digest information about one of the great figures in Irish history.

The history and origins of St Patrick

The infographic looks at all aspects of Patrick’s life. Highlights include:

• St. Patrick’s birthplace is debated. No one knows if it’s Kilpatrick in Scotland or Bannavem Taburniae (thought to have been in Wales but not on any map!)
• Scholars claim he first returned to Ireland as a Bishop landing in either Strangford Loch, Co. Down or Slane, Co. Meath.
• Legend holds he banished snakes from Ireland. But Ireland as an island nation was cut off from the rest of Europe at the end of the Ice Age. Were snakes symbolic of paganism?

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Check out the infographic below. Click here for more on St Patrick

The life of St Patrick

St PatrickMore on St Patrick

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