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Sure he’s not an alcoholic… he just likes a drink… oh the excuses we make

Irish comedian Sir Stevo Timothy has produced a great new sketch making fun of the excuses we make for our friends who drink.

Friends who drink a lot, far too much in fact, but we wouldn’t want to call them alcoholics would we? The sketch is very funny and challenges our attitudes to the demon drink and those few unfortunates who take it too far.

Sir Stevo refuses to accept his mates drink too much

Sir Stevo refuses to accept his mates drink too much, and goes through the euphemisms we like to use instead of the dreaded ‘A’ word. He instead prefers to describe as ‘a character’ or ‘a divil for the drink’.

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Here’s Sir Stevo, as his alter ego Farmer Michael, sounding forth in his familiar pose in his car.


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