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Saoirse Ronan talks about Brooklyn, awards and Hollywood friends

Saoirse Ronan appears to be taking the awards season in her stride. She was relaxed at the BAFTAs, showing no signs of nerves, despite being nominated for Best Actress at several high profile ceremonies, including the Oscars.

She took time out to speak about her movie Brooklyn, her friends in the acting world, and why she is starting to feel at home at glamourous ceremonies.

Ronan was speaking to the Irish Sun on the red carpet at London’s Royal Opera House ahead of the BAFTA awards ceremony.

Saoirse Ronan on the red carpet at the BAFTAs

She told the interviewer how pleased she was to be nominated for a Best Actress gong and that the BAFTAs are very important to her.

She said: “I’m delighted, I really am. It’s a real honour. The BAFTAs is something that I have been going to for the last few years so it feels very familiar for me.

“It’s lovely to be recognised by everyone here.”

The interviewer pointed out that Ronan was only 15 years old when Nick Hornby started writing the screenplay for Brooklyn. Ronan – who is now 21 – admitted that she felt fortunate that the film had taken so long to finally be made.

She went on to discuss what the film meant to her. She said: “It represents our roots at home. It was very poignant for me because I had just left home myself and had moved over to London at the time, and was very homesick.

“So when your relationship with home is changing, to then go into a film that is celebrating home and honouring it – it meant so much.”

Finally, Ronan was asked about other stars who she would have seen a lot recently thanks to being on the award circuit.

She said: “I love (Cate) Blanchett because she’s a legend. All the girls are great. Cate, Helen Mirren – Helen’s wonderful – Charlotte Rampling. Michal Keaton’s great, Mark Ruffalo. They’re all lovely.

“Everyone’s going through the same thing so it’s nice.”

Unfortunately for Ronan she missed out on the BAFTA to Room actress Brie Larson.

Although Brooklyn was about an Irish emigrant it was named Outstanding British Film as it was made by two British production companies (BBC Films and BFI).

Room was co-produced by Irish company – so not a bad BAFTAs for the Irish overall.

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