Research suggests that whiskey could have health benefits

Michael Kehoe

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4 Responses

  1. Burt Silver says:

    I had no idea that drinking whiskey could be good for your heart. That is amazing. I have a lot of friends that drink whiskey. I will have to pass this information on to them so they know the health benefits!

  2. Kevin D Leary says:

    Enjoy the article and intend to put it into fervent practice!

  3. Freddy Mc Connnell says:

    I have 4to 5 measures every day plus 3pints of Guinness(whisky. Jameson)since 1962.Well that’s what I have now ,in earlier years ,working in excise I could have had 3 times as much,my bloods ,tested lately are very good,liver & kidneys still ok ,I’m only 74.5 yrs old.looking forward to the French match.

  4. Sueann Rehmel. says:

    THANKS FOR THE NEWSLETTER, I LOVED IT….I DONT DRONK ANYMORE IM ON MEDICENE ( blood thinners) stomach meds,pain meds so I don’tknow about me and the whiskey i would love to do something good formy heart!

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