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Psycho killer at ‘Ukulele Tuesday’ in Dublin pub

Here is a video for anyone who enjoys a bit of Irish music in a modern setting, with an alt-rock twist.

Even if you’re not someone who fits such a specific description, take a look anyway. We’re sure you will like what you see.

In what seemed like an ordinary day in a busy Dublin pub, the upstairs room erupted into a sing-along.

Great video - ‘Ukulele Tuesday’ in Dublin pub. Dozens of musicians perform Talking Heads classic ‘psycho Killer’

The place was full of musicians who had all brought their ukuleles and burst into a rendition of the Talking Heads classic Psycho Killer.

The group meet up at the Stag’s Head every week to take part in ‘Ukulele Tuesday’.

They describe themselves on their Facebook page as: “A jumpers for goal posts sing along with Ukuleles.”

While this might imply a very casual organisation of amateurs just having a bit of fun, they certainly weren’t messing about. There was some real talent and passion on display.

The group is open to all and they have added a link of their songbook on their page for people who might like to come along.

The video shows dozens of Ukulele players, with one bass player at the edge of the tables.

If you aren’t a musician it still looks as though it would be worth popping in to take a look. The group had attracted quite a crowd at the other end of the bar.

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