Priest warns Pope the ‘Church in Ireland is dying’

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  1. fergal kennedy says:

    Yes the messenger may have some failings but the MESSAGE is clear ,truthful , unchanged by fashion or time . Keep the commandments , seek HIM with all your heart ,soul and mind . Ultimately , you must decide if you are setting up for eternity or trying to get the best of this life .

  2. Kathleen Cahill says:

    It is not due to same sex marriage that the Church is falling. It is in fact due more towards hypocrisy of those you run the church and who go to church out of obligation more than want. I hear Catholics spend their hour’s time in church only to leave at the end and start name calling, judging others, primping and mocking others. We were never taught that this is how Jesus led his life. Jesus never turned his back nor judged another person. He taught them and held out his hand and heart to help them. Our children see this as not the way it is in the Catholic Church today, if ever.

  3. Stefano says:

    Margaret …. I have no trouble with your thought process, although I would debate with you on whether Christians, who are adamantly against gay marriage, actually follow all that is in the Bible. Do you know anyone who has gone through divorce and remarried? I would assume that all who have remarried engage in the normal intimacies that marriage allows. However, there are a half dozen (or more) passages in the Bible that declare that such intimacy in a re-marriage is adultery and, therefore, a sin. The divorce rate for Ireland in 2014 ran as high as 20% of all marriages (in the U.S., it ran 3x’s higher … dismal). So can we Biblically say that re-marriage should not be allowed, that marriage is an institution only for a man and a woman, and only once in their lives. If one is to follow God’s law, then they should follow all of God’s laws … period!

  4. Sean O'Connor says:

    Hopefully Fr, MacDonald’s open letter to our Pope becomes an ice-breaker for the authentic dialogue that apparently needs to occur regarding the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. Having grown up in Ireland, in a society that was still struggling to free itself of the shackles, the authoritarianism and arrogance associated with colonialism, I see the current time and situation in Ireland as presenting a golden opportunity to engage in the necessary dialogue. Neither the faithful congregations nor the church bureaucracy has anything to fear from such a dialogue if properly conducted. If some one enters the dialogue process with the intent to orchestrate or manipulate the process of course the process is doomed to failure.
    I hope that Fr. MacDonald will not be ostracized, as has been Rome’s convention when priests have sought to engage in discussion of critical import to the Church organization and the laity at large. Thank you, Fr. MacDonald

  5. Eileen Whealn says:

    I am an 88 year old Catholic. I brought 7 wonderful children into this world, and will be a Catholic till the day I die. How can we teach our young children about there Catholic Faith when they close all the Catholic Schools, because of money. They sem to have enough money to buy a billion dollar Glass Cathedral, sham on my church. Close all the schools and our church is lost.

  6. laurence emmett says:

    how can the populace admire and respect their leaders, when the leaders are thieves and corrupt. it filters down to parents and they pass it on to their children. that is , why should they have to suffer , whilst, they try to live an honest existence. when above them the supposed leaders rob and steal at their leisure. making the country wither and decay. there is only so much blood in a carcass and the politicians are draining it , brazenly and openly. as if it is their god given right, to do so.
    the church has, also, had a role in the decay of the moral fibre of the country. besides the behaviour of the clergy , the church has always turned a blind eye , be it rape, buggery or corruption. how can ordinary people respect such an organisation.
    i despair. as time goes by , good men are hard to find. all we have at the moment, are, turds floating on the top of the water. (turds = politicians and water = ireland)

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