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Polish Embassy thanks the Irish people

The Polish Embassy in Ireland have released a short good humoured video to mark the 10th anniversary of Poland joining the EU.

Polish Embassy thank the Irish people
Polish Embassy thank the Irish people

The video sees the Polish Ambassador to Ireland thanking the Irish for the welcome that his compatriots have received in the past decade.

Many of the things the Polish thank the Irish for, including ‘healthy’ food and ‘beautiful’ weather appear to be done with tongue firmly in cheek.

However, the overall tone of the video is one of warmth and genuine gratitude as they thank the Irish people for the openness and kindness they have shown.

The video shows the Poles getting to grips with some of the more unique Irish sports such as Hurling and Gaelic football.

Of course they are also grateful for the Irish ‘black gold’ – a pint of Guinness.

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