Petition to put Quiet Man cottage on protected list

Michael Kehoe

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10 Responses

  1. Dawn Fannon says:

    Please restore White O’ Morn, it is a part of history that should be preserved Some day I would love to be able to come see it !!!

  2. Michele Lee says:

    My favourite move… That brings back so many happy memories. Please save it.

  3. jeanie coolahan says:

    the cottage is a piece of Irish history; please restore and maintain it

  4. Kelly Deutchman says:

    This movie is the reason I want to go to Ireland. I’d love to see the cottage restored!

  5. colin avery says:

    save it

  6. Kathy Carter says:

    Would love to see this saved

  7. Tess says:

    I would visit it! Do it!

  8. David Burrows says:

    Good idea

  9. Anita Haws says:

    History is important to save and protect for everyone!

  10. Kathleen Clancy says:

    Please help save the White O’Morn for the Yank & Mary Kate.

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