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This competition has now closed

Congratulations to Mary McDonald who has been randomly selected as the winner. She has chosen Peter McCabe’s photo of Classiebawn, Mullaghmore as her prize. What a beautiful picture to hang on your wall!

Peter has years of experience and enthusiasm, and has captured some of the most beautiful places on earth, right here in Ireland.

Here are the three pictures to choose from, with a few comments from Peter about taking the shot.

Classiebawn, Mullaghmore

This location on Mullaghmore head is spectacular at the best of times. However on this late winter day, with the clouds hanging low and a snow covered Ben Bulben peeking through, the location had an almost Game of Thrones feel to it. Using a car as a wind breaker, I fired of a few frames, each as dramatic as the next. Thankfully two were sharp.
Classiebawn. Photo copyright Peter McCabe

Derryclare Lough, Connemara

Amongst the most photographed lakes in Ireland, where many a tour bus stops on their way to Clifden. The location has always attracted me, from a photographic perspective it has everything, the biggest issue is the power lines that run across the lake, which are a photographic nightmare. However on this morning, with dawn breaking and the rain falling, those same power lines disappeared amongst moody sky, and I finally got my image.
Derryclare Lough. Photo copyright Peter McCabe

Kylemore Abbey

The most famous view of the Abbey is from within the grounds, if I am honest it has been photographed to death. Determined to avoid the cliche, I setup a tripod at the lakes edge, and photographed it from a low angle, making the most of the smooth water and blue and greens within the scene.
Kylemore Abbey. Photo copyright Peter McCabe

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3 thoughts on “This competition has now closed

  1. Kristi Casteel

    I love everything from and about Ireland. I have never seen anything I don’t like about Ireland and wish I could retire in my mother’s homeland, or at least visit. Unfortunately due to many unseen situations this will never be.My mother was a DeNeen and came from County Cork. I love these newsletters and the beautiful scenery, recipes, and history of Ireland.

    08/11/2015 at 6:58 pm
  2. HelenPilecki

    Just love your site. Both parents born in Ireland. I visited three times and really wanted to stay. I started step dancing very early and even taught it for a few years. You have brought back so many memories. Keep up this wonderful work.

    07/11/2015 at 2:24 am
  3. Ellen J. Coryat

    Your site is a Godsend to those others who, like myself, love Ireland and enjoy your mail that stir up so many happy memories of my visits to the beautiful land of my mother’s birth.

    Thank you…..

    Ellen Coryat

    06/11/2015 at 6:09 pm

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