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Paddy Power create outrageous billboard poster for Donald Trump

Irish bookmakers Paddy Power have created a stir with an outrageous billboard poster in the centre of Dublin.

The poster used the phrase ‘Orange is the New Black’ and had a picture of an exaggeratedly tanned Donald Trump next to Barack Obama.

Paddy Power create outrageous billboard poster for Donald Trump

The poster was placed on Baggot Street in the centre of Dublin, and was used to promote the bookmakers’ offers on the US election.

Orange is the New Black is the title of a hugely successful Netflix series about a women’s prison. However, Paddy Power used the phrase to promote to their customers that they were offering odds of 3/1 for Donald Trump to become the next US President.

The bold stunt created a stir on Twitter, with the majority of people praising Paddy Power for its wit.

It is not the first time Paddy Power have caused controversy with a promotional campaign. In the past they have been criticised by animal rights groups after they had a blind footballer kicking a cat after mistaking its collar bell for the bell in the ball.

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They also used the murder trial of South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius as a way of promoting their betting on the Oscar film awards.

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