Official documents on Easter Rising leaders released online

Michael Kehoe

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3 Responses

  1. Sue Brindle says:

    What a brave woman and what a remarkable story

  2. allanatoo says:

    Are they available only through Ancestry? That will mean we have to pay to access them.

  3. Catherine mcgrath says:

    My mother Maggie Bermingham (Margaret) lived in Dublin .Shewas involved in the movement and had to flee to England. She was on a hit list. She carried food and messages to army under her skirt. English soldiers interrogated her – she watched as the Irish shot them. Is she on your hit list? Her horrific stories were verified by relative and neighbors when I inquired. I also went to the prison but feared inquiries. She put herself in harms way trying to save Ireland’s cause for freedom
    Catherine McGrath
    7238 Aberfeldy Way
    Sacramento, California 95842-1631

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