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Northern Irish groom sings great song at wedding reception

A Northern Irish groom serenaded his wife, along with all the guests at the wedding reception, when he burst into song as he gave his speech.

Aidan Johnston from Downpatrick, Co Down belted out his speech to the tune of the classic Don McLean song American Pie. He changed the lyrics to reflect his relationship with his wife Claire.

His song was full of warmth and there were plenty of laughs too. Claire, of Cookstown, Co Tyrone said: “It combined humour, wit and charm with a touch of genius.

Video - Irish groom sings great song for his wife at their wedding recpetion

“Every single line of the song was directly relevant and true to our relationship. All our guests, and our venue Farnham Estate in Cavan had never seen the like of it before.”

Claire was really impressed with her husband as she knew it took a lot of guts to get up and sing in front of all of their wedding guests.

“He really challenged himself to pluck the courage and sing it after writing the song last weekend.

“It followed brilliantly from his preceding speech which set the context of our first meeting in Belfast in 2008 and his difficulty in wooing me as I played hard to get. The only thing that got me interested in him eventually was a shared love for BRMC.” – a reference to the American rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

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Take a look at the video below.

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